quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010


Our re-encounter twenty years later was, in fact, a very pleasant surprise. When I least expected, in one of those moments i often had, when I was not thinking about her, this girl came to me and said: “Hi, do you remember me?” - My heart jumped out of my control, my hand got instantly sweaty, I felt a mix of joy and terror, and I sincerely believe my cheeks went red for an instant.
“Of course I remember you!” - How could I forget the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen? And she was even more beautiful then what I remembered.
At first we were both so nervous that our thoughts ran over the words that were trying to get out of our mouths, and only after a while did our conversation started to make any sense. Our actual life were the main subject - Where we married? Did we have kids? Where were we living? Then... the Past! Our past together was somewhat happy but painful as well. Not only for me, but for both. Maybe even not noticing it, we missed one another. And maybe, maybe... we spent the last twenty years waiting for the other.
The weeks went by and we agreed not to let more twenty years separate us. So we did. Even at the distance, we kept contact, talking and messaging every day. Why? We were soon to find out.

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